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Final scores and won-loss records are enough for the casual fan. But if you're a serious fan you want to know what's really happening both in the games and over the course of the season.

That's where Basketball U. Premium comes in. We watch the games, talk to our sources from each program, and research and analyze the data to go well beyond the coverage you'll find elsewhere. Our Gamecenter, Inside, and Trendspotting features explain the results on the court and spot player, team, and conference-wide performance trends. We also keep our Premium subscribers up to date on the latest news with our News/Slant features and our Wire has links to every relevant article that appears on the Internet. Our Recruiting database contains comprehensive all the recruiting information available to the public, and the Alumni database lets you follow former Ivy players playing professionally.

Starting this year Premium subscribers can comment on every article and respond to fellow Premium subscribers' comments. This exclusive inner circle of insiders features a higher level of discussion than what you will typically find on message boards.

So if you're serious about following your team and its conference rivals, join the Premium community today.

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